General terms and conditions

These terms and conditions regulate the relationship between Geiranger Skysslag AS – the tour operator – and the customer. All prices are stated in Norwegian kroner (NOK).

Bookings and payments

The terms and conditions for bookings, payments and deposits against final payment must be agreed with the tour operator. All bookings are binding. In the case of bookings made online, the booking is binding once payment is made.

We offer our agents the opportunity to pay by invoice. Payment by invoice is subject to an invoice fee of NOK 39. Late payment will be subject to a reminder fee of NOK 69.

Customer information

The tour operator is required to make the customer aware of the rights and obligations that exist between the tour operator and the customer. This is to be done by providing information on the relevant terms and conditions with which the customer must be familiar. In particular, the tour operator must make the customer aware of his/her responsibility to have travel insurance/personal insurance in place. The tour operator must make it clear that it is entitled to change the price in some cases.

Cancellation – individuals and groups

In accordance with our terms and conditions, individuals are not eligible to receive refunds. A booking is binding once the trip has been confirmed and paid for. We recommend that all passengers have a travel insurance policy that includes cancellation cover. If the customer is not well enough to make the trip, he/she must contact the insurance company. Reimbursement will be made by the insurance company, provided the customer has cancellation cover.

Cancellation – agents

Agents who pay by invoice will only be invoiced for the number of times they go through the toll station, so there is no need to cancel bookings. Agents who pay by card must contact to cancel or amend pre-booked tickets.

Changes to prices, services, etc.

Geiranger Skysslag AS is entitled to change its prices further to an increase in taxes and duties, an increase in prices charged by subcontractors, or unavoidable circumstances over which Geiranger Skysslag has no control and which it could not have foreseen.

Customer obligations

The customer must pay the agreed amount by the agreed date and in accordance with the terms and conditions specified by Geiranger Skysslag AS.

The customer must not cause a nuisance to other travellers. A person booking a trip for another person must make sure that the other person is able to manage independently during the journey. Our employees are not in a position to offer special assistance for passengers who cannot manage independently. Persons undertaking the journey must basically be able to manage on their own, or travel with a companion. If the customer ignores this requirement, it may result in him/her being turned away without the right to any form of compensation or refund of money paid for the trip.

The customer is obliged to bring the necessary travel document. The customer is responsible for any loss of personal property (travel insurance).

The customer is required to download/print out the ticket before arriving at Dalsnibba toll station, as there is no phone signal and therefore no opportunity for downloading once there.

Right to cancel trips

Geiranger Skysslag AS may cancel trips for the following reasons:

  • If there are events over which Geiranger Skysslag AS has no control and that it could not have foreseen at the time the booking was made.
  • If there are events such as war, natural disasters, epidemics, industrial emissions or similar (force majeure) that make it difficult for Geiranger Skysslag AS to operate the trip.
  • Geiranger Skysslag AS shall notify the customer of the cancellation as soon as possible. If a trip is cancelled, the customer is entitled to a full refund of the ticket price (if the ticket was paid for in advance). The customer cannot claim any form of compensation over and above this, unless the customer has incurred losses as a result of gross mistakes on the part of Geiranger Skysslag AS.

Complaints/deadline for complaints

Complaints about the service provided must be notified at once to the representative of Geiranger Skysslag AS on the spot, otherwise the customer forfeits the right to complain. Complaints relating to aspects other than the service itself must be notified within 15 days of the customer returning home, unless there are special reasons for this deadline to be extended.

All rights reserved

Geiranger Skysslag AS reserves the right to amend prices, and accepts no liability for errors in texts, images and information on our website. We reserve the right to make changes after printed materials, timetables, etc. have been produced. We also reserve the right to make changes to prices and terms and conditions.