Geiranger Skywalk
– walking on air

Mt. Dalsnibba’s new viewing platform was officially opened in August 2016. Thanks to its ingenious floor surface and glass guard rail offering unimpeded views, Geiranger Skywalk gives you a sensation of floating – though of course you are perfectly safe! With a clear drop of approx. 500 m beneath your feet, you can enjoy magnificent views of Geiranger and the fjord below, as well as across to the mountains and Blåbreen glacier.

Dalsnibba’s new viewing platform was completed and ready for use in June 2016, but was only opened officially in August, when it was named ‘Geiranger Skywalk’. The name was chosen after the public were invited to submit their suggestions. The criteria were that the name should be international and easy to remember, which is why the jury selected ‘Geiranger Skywalk’.

This is how we remove snow from the Nibbevegen road after winter. The film was made just a couple of days before the season of 2017 started.

Panoramic view


Walking out on to the platform and looking through the ingenious floor surface and glass guard rail is a truly magical experience! The sensation of the wind coming up through the floor surface almost makes you feel you’re walking on the clouds. Quite simply, you’ll experience the spectacular vistas of Geiranger, the fjord and the surrounding mountains in a completely new way!

New parking

Utsikt Dalsnibba

But Geiranger Skywalk isn’t the only newcomer. While work was under way on the platform, new parking areas were built and the old path restored. Why not park your car in the bottom parking area and follow the 300–400 m path up to Geiranger Skywalk? The path is an experience in itself – don’t miss the opportunity to admire the sterling work of the Nepalese Sherpa who restored it. Perhaps you’ll spot a few surprises along the way too!