To reach Dalsnibba, follow the Nibbevegen road, one of the most ambitious road-building projects ever seen in Norway. The road is considered one of the foremost symbols of tourism in Geiranger, and the trip up to Dalsnibba is an experience at any point in the summer season. The road is asphalted and there are plenty of bus pull-ins.

By car/motorbike

From Geiranger, it’s about a 30-minute drive up to Dalsnibba. The road is an experience in itself, with many excellent photo opportunities along the way.

How to use the toll payment machine

The road leading up to Geiranger Skywalk Dalsnibba is open 24 hours a day in the summer season. You can either buy tickets in advance here, or pay when you arrive at the toll booth. During the high season, the toll booth is staffed. In the low season, please use the toll machine. If you have booked tickets in advance, we recommend that you download or print them before leaving, as the Internet signal in the area is not good. You then scan your ticket at the toll booth.



From Geiranger centre 21 km 30 min
From Stryn 80 km 60 min
From Grotli 15 km 20 min
From Ålesund 130 km 2 hrs 30 min

You can also make the trip to Dalsnibba by