Picture gallery

Geiranger Skywalk – Dalsnibba. The webcam is updated every 10 minutes.

Pictures from the viewpoint

From Dalsnibba you can look out over snow-covered peaks and all the way down to the Geirangerfjord. Enjoy views including Blåbreen glacier and Djupvatnet lake, where the world record in free diving under ice was set. Depending on the time of day you come, you may also experience a magical sunrise or sunset. Or what about a spectacular canopy of stars on a dark August night?

The weather changes quickly up here and, if you’re lucky, you can experience all four seasons in one day. There is snow lying at Dalsnibba for large parts of the summer. It can snow in the middle of summer, and the winds can be cold. Sometimes Dalsnibba is shrouded in soft cloud, but it is often still possible to catch a glimpse of the view through a small opening. Other times it is completely windless, with sunshine and clear blue skies.

Pictures of the Nibbevegen road

The road up to Dalsnibba is a sequence of hairpin bends and is an experience in itself. If you come early in the season, you’ll pass high banks of snow. As the snow melts, you can see more and more of Blåbreen glacier and the countless small cairns that visitors build every year.

Starting your trip from Geiranger lets you experience the entire height difference from 0 to 1500 m above sea level and the contrast with the bustling crowds in the village. Drive along the historic 19th-century Geirangervegen road and up to Dalsnibba.