Here you’ll find the procedure for paying for and using the toll road. You can also get help at the ticket window when the toll booth is staffed.

How to use the toll payment machine

Cars and motorbikes – card or cash

  1. The machine automatically selects car/motorbike, so you don’t need to press anything.
  2. Pay by card or insert coins. You must have the exact amount as the machine does not give change.
  3. Press Billett to get your ticket/receipt.

Buses and coaches – toll must be paid by card

  1. Press Takst 2.
  2. Insert card. No PIN code required!
  3. Press Billett to get your ticket/receipt.

Note and coin exchange machine

There is a note and coin exchange machine at the toll station, to the left of the toll payment machine. You can use this to change Norwegian banknotes into coins:

  1. Insert the banknote (NOK 100/200/500).
  2. Take the coins that come out.
  3. Proceed to the toll payment machine to pay the toll.