News season 2018

The work on removing the snow from the main road over the Geiranger Mountain has started. The picture below is a screenshot from our webcam on Geiranger Skywalk – Dalsnibba. The screenshot was taken Friday 13th of April.

News 2018

On the road up Geiranger and Nibbevegen, you can see several small houses along the way. These houses were earlier used to store soil in during the winter. They put soil on the snow in the spring so that it would melt faster on sunny days. This year, we will use the same method and put soil on the snow on the road, and hopefully it will thaw faster.

When visiting Dalsnibba, you may connect to our free WIFI network. Please have in mind that the network may be a little slow if many people use the network at the same time.

There will be toilets outside the shop this year as well. The toilets outside are available at all hours a day. The toilets inside the shop will only be available during the opening hours of the shop.

We will continue the success from last season and sell hotdogs and waffles in the kiosk wagon located outside the shop. You can find other souvenirs and clothing for sale outside as well. The kiosk wagon will be closed if it is too windy outside.

What to do at Geiranger Skywalk – Dalsnibba?

Geiranger Skywalk – Dalsnibba has Europe’s highest fjord view from a road. This means that you can reach the top of the mountain with a vehicle, and you don’t have to walk a single step if you don’t want to, and still be able to enjoy the views from the top of the mountain.

You can find a 300-400 meter long path starting at the bottom parking area and leads you to the spectacular platform Geiranger Skywalk. You can enjoy the views of the World Heritage Area, the Geirangerfjord and the Glacier Blåbreen from new angles.

We have snow most of the summer at Dalsnibba, so you can play in the snow if you want to. Many of our visitors have their first snowball fight at Dalsnibba. Do you not have mittens or gloves with you? No problem, come in to the shop and choose your favourite mittens or gloves from our wide clothing collection.

Why not use some of the time shopping? In our shop, you can find a wide range of Geiranger Skywalk-products that you only will find here at Dalsnibba Shop, along with other souvenirs, clothing and snacks. We also sell local handmade Geiranger Chocolate, and jam and juice made in Valldal.


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