Want to play in the snow but left your mittens at home? Need to grab a bite to eat and something to drink, or perhaps find a nice souvenir of your trip? Visit the service building at the top of Dalsnibba!

This unique building was completed in 2004. Its distinctive architecture enables it to blend in with the surroundings.

Practical information

Open July - September 09.30 - 16.00

There are toilets at the back of the building.

The shop

The shop sells a range of unique Geiranger Skywalk-products, including clothing, postcards and other souvenirs. We also offer locally sourced products such as juices and jams from Valldal safteri – juicery – as well as a good selection of Geiranger chocolate. We also have a range of Norwegian produced products, including mugs and different kitchen objects.

Viscope telescope

To give you an ever better experience at Dalsnibba, we’ve invested in a ‘Viscope’ telescope, which is positioned on the platform above the shop. As well as 360° views of the entire area, this provides additional information, for example the names of the mountains you’re looking at. The information updates itself as you move the viewfinder, and will also tell you which direction you’re looking in, and which way it is to Oslo, Bergen, Svalbard, etc.

We are expanding

We are expanding our service building on Dalsnibba. When the building is finished, we will have a grand new gift shop with a wider selection of local products, we will have a café area available for all our guests, and a multi-usable area that can be rented out to different arrangements or meetings.

The new shop was planned to be opened during the upcoming season, season 2020, but due to the corona situation, the construction work will take a little longer than initially expected. The new expected opening for the shop is season 2021.

If no more unexpected things happen, we will offer pre-booked food services as lunch and coffee stops to groups and private arrangements in our new café area in 2022. This is primarily intended for organized groups, but individuals can also contact us for the opportunity to order lunch. By pre-ordering, you are guaranteed a table and food on time.

From season 2022 we will rent out our multi-use area for various events such as birthday parties and weddings, or meetings and conferences.